How will you cook your food when the grid goes down?

81zftla352l-_sl1500_Apparently, it’s not a matter of “if”, but of “when” the power grid goes down. If you’ve been preparing for such a situation and storing food – as well as water -, eventually comes the question as to how you will cook this precious food? I have been pondering this question myself for some time, and I have recently come upon what seems to be the ideal solution: the Kelly Kettle, or any other device of the same type using small quantities of firewood. I have no link to this brand and this is not a paid advertisement, in case you’re wondering.

In the short video embedded below, Dahboo7 demonstrates how to use this amazingly simple outdoor emergency cooking device.

In Canada and the US, the Kelly Kettle is available in different formats on Amazon. Click here or on a picture to view description on

I do get a small referral fee if you make tour purchase through Amazon.

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