Much ado about Antarctica – Synchronicity or disinformation campaign?

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Antarctique : beaucoup de bla-bla tout d’un coup
Curieuse coïncidence, campagne de désinformation ou de distraction, ou synchronicité? Les nouvelles concernant la possible découverte de ruines en Antarctique se bousculent alors que je viens de publier un article intitulé Annonce imminente de la découverte des ruines d’une ancienne civilisation futuriste en Antarctique? Je présente ci-dessous certains grands titres provenant de médias alternatifs américains et même de certains médias britanniques grand public que j’ai colligés au cours des derniers jours. Vraiment curieux. – HT


The following are some headlines I have come across over the last few days, since David Wilcock and Corey Goode have published their recent “time sensitive” updates (also linked below) regarding the possible impending announcement of the discovery of ancient futuristic ruins in Antarctica.

I post all of these “as is” without any verification nor claim regarding their veracity or reliability. Too much information, too little time. Take it as food for thought.

“Nothing is secret that shall not be revealed…”

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corey-goodeENDGAME: Disclosure and the Final Defeat of the Cabal

David Wilcock & Corey Goode | Divine Cosmos | December 6, 2016

Endgame Part II: The Antarctic Atlantis & Ancient Alien Ruins

David Wilcock & Corey Goode | Sphere Being Alliance | December 11, 2016

impending-antarctica-announcement-1Impending Announcement of Ruins from Futuristic Civilization Found in Antarctica

Dr Michael Salla | | December 6, 2016

Many have been pondering the significance of recent visits to Antarctica by prominent officials and individuals offering puzzling explanations for their travel there. On November 9, U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, landed in Antarctica, during the peak of the U.S. Presidential Election. Why would the serving Secretary of State leave the U.S. at such a critical time just to observe global warming patterns in Antarctica?

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Antarktos: The chosen of the frozen

Clyde Lewis | Ground Zero | December 8, 2016

While much is not known about the polar continent below us, there have always been speculative theories about it.

The bigger question is, why are we seeing an increased interest there?

Many websites that spin fringe theories are hopeful there will be an announcement soon of a possible ancient civilization that lived at the South Pole or undeniable proof of an alien base hat has been speculated about for decades.

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Real Pyramids In Antarctica, Buzz Aldrin Disinfo Exposed!

Dahboo77 | December 13, 2016

United States Astronaut Buzz Aldrin Tweeted an ominous message to the world using his official, verified Twitter Account, then strangely deleted the tweet later?? His words: “We are all in danger. It is evil itself.” and showed a photograph of a pyramid located at the South Pole as show In the Video. BUT ITS FAKE!

SuperStation95 even reported that it was from Buzz’s Official page, but it was not!!!! If that would have been checked, they would have known this. Or they knew and decided to push it anyway!

Bottom line, the Alleged Buzz Tweet was NOT from His Account.

Secondly, there are very real pyramid type structures int his area. The fact that the new Belgian Base is at the base of one, shows the importance to the research they are really doing there. They chose this specific spot for a reason.■


Shock claims massive ancient civilization lies frozen beneath mile of Antarctic ice – and could even be Atlantis

Jennifer Hale | The Sun | December 12, 2016

THERE could be a hidden city frozen underneath Antarctica, according to shock claims.

The huge continent is an icy mass, and is currently only inhabited by scientific researchers and penguins thanks to its freezing temperatures.

Rumors of a hidden city have been floating about for years, as conspiracy theorists and even some scientists claim the freezing continent is actually the home of the legendary Lost City of Atlantis.

One scientific theory claims that once upon a time Antarctica was ice-free and home to an ancient civilization.

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Artist's impression of a doorway to Atlantis, claimed to be the lost city underneath Antarctica

Artist’s impression of a doorway to Atlantis, claimed to be the lost city underneath Antarctica

The Lost City of Antarctica: Shock claims massive CIVILIZATION exists beneath mile of ice

Rachel O’Donoghue | Daily Star | December 12, 2016

ANTARCTICA is hiding a huge city underneath more than a mile of ice, according to incredible claims.

The icy mass – measuring over 14 million km-squared – has long been a source of great mystery and was the last continent of the world to be discovered.

But its freezing temperatures and barren landscape have stopped people from ever attempting to colonize it, so has remained virtually untouched over the years.

However, this may not actually be the case.

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An artist's view of what an ancient civilization could look like on the continent

An artist’s view of what an ancient civilization could look like on the continent

Wikileaks Photos, John Kerry Visit and UFOs in Antarctica

Paul Seaburn | Mysterious Universe | November 15, 2016

And there you have it! Kerry visits top secret locations in Antarctica, after a new (and not yet universally trusted or UFO-savvy) U.S. president is elected, to assess the war against UFOs and secretly share the info with other nations in Morocco. Throw in Antarctic photos from Wikileaks to John Podesta – who promised to open the UFO files if Hillary Clinton was elected – and you have all the makings of an Antarctic UFO conspiracy and cover-up.

Or maybe Kerry really IS concerned about the environment and is trying to save what’s left of the slowly-melting formerly-pristine world of Antarctica.

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Mysterious cloud or fog in one of the Wikileaks photos





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