Updated list of “fake news” websites…


I have just updated my Alternative Media page, where I list these source of information I rely upon for my intake of “fake news”…

You may want to bookmark this page as the “powers that be” seem hell-bent on using Google, Facebook and their likes to censor your access to alternative sources of information.

russian-passportP.S. I almost forgot: can my handler in the Kremlin please check with Mr Putin as to why I still haven’t received a check along with a Russian passport? I thought these were automatically sent in the mail to all Russian agents.

P.-P.S. By the way, if you’d like to be recruited too, my handler goes under the name of Mr Falski Newski – that should be rather easy to find. Naturally, he gets to vet all my posts – anything he doesn’t like, you don’t get to see here. I must say it makes it so much easier to run a fake news website, when you have someone else telling you what to publish.

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