“Stock Market Crash: YOU’RE IN ONE!” – Gregory Mannarino

Gregory Mannarino (traderschoice.net) is one of a few financial analysts I regularly follow on YouTube. I detest idle speculation, and his comments are usually based upon solid financial data. Recent financial trends have led him to issue this warning today: “You no longer have to look for a stock market crash: you’re in one here [now]!”

Greg emphatically says that “Anyone that is telling you that you should be buying stocks here [now] … that has got to be the most irresponsible comment out of anyone’s mouth in the history of the financial markets – you never, never, tell a person to catch a falling knife…”

Bond Market Imploding

Is it finally upon us? No one knows.

“What you should be looking at … it’s the bond market: it’s imploding… Something pretty epic just happened today [regarding] the bond market… The US 10-year yield today hit 2.55%. Ok. We have a flat yield curve… The overnight rate (the rate at which institutions lend to each other) is at 2.5%. [However], the 2-year, the 3-year, the 5-year and the 7-year right now are yielding lower than the Federal Funds rate [overnight rate],” which means they’re all yielding below 2.5%.

“This is a pathway to another credit freeze,” Greg insists. “That means you go to your bank, guess what, no cash. You try to get it out of an ATM, you can’t do it. Institutions do not lend to each other. Banks shut down, businesses shut down – we are taking about great depression, and we’re there. We are in the crash, right here, and right now. I want everyone to be aware of that.”

Staring at Another Meltdown

“There is nothing wrong with having some cash around in case of a credit freeze.” – Greg Mannarino

“Unless something drastic happens – DRASTIC – like NOW, we are staring at another meltdown. I can’t stress this enough.”

These are just a few major excerpts from Greg’s 14-minute commentary, which you can listen to above and make up your own mind, as Greg himself strongly stresses.

In any event, simply consider this a heads up as to the state of the markets – I guess we’ll soon find out if this warning was just just another cry wolf like so many other. I don’t feel there is any need to panic. We’ll get trough whatever is coming down the pike one day at a time like we always should do, and concentrate on the things we can change instead of the things we can’t.

God bless.

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