Anonymous Charity/The Collective Account terminated by YouTube

I recently published a few posts containing embedded videos from the Anonymous Charity/The Collective. I am sorry but these videos are no longer accessible since they have been deleted by the censors at YouTube/Google.

I only found out tonight as I was trying to access a video I had watched yesterday; it did not show in my viewing history, which I found rather intriguing. Of course, the suspicion that the account might have been terminated quickly came to mind.

So I made a search for the channel itself and I got the following message :

This account has been terminated because it is linked to an account that was suspended for violating YouTube’s Terms of Service.

I went to the Anonymous Charity’s Twitter account and found the following message:

Both our Channels  and  GONE. Same “reason” on both. The 2 channels are NOT linked by IP address, mobile, email, etc. CENSORSHIP and CULLING has begun .

UPDATE – New Channel Up And Running

Later today, the Anonymous Charity published the following Tweet:

Our NEW YouTube channel is available via  until be have a Personal URL channel name.  Thanks to  Staffers for help. Trust the PLAN. THE MOCKINGBIRD SYNDICATE can not silence us!

Notice the thank you note for staffers at the White House, which may refer to the White House YouTube channel. – HT

About Henri Thibodeau

Freelance writer and translator based in Quebec, Canada.
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