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How will you cook your food when the grid goes down?

Apparently, it’s not a matter of “if”, but of “when” the power grid goes down. If you’ve been preparing for such a situation and storing food – as well as water -, eventually comes the question as to how you … Continue reading

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White House Warns: Start Stockpiling For ‘Long-Term Loss Of Electric Power’

Originally posted on How to Provide:
Written by: Daniel Jennings Three days’ worth of food and supplies is insufficient for your family’s survival, the federal government has finally acknowledged in what one expert is calling a landmark shift in emergency…

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Rappel pour des temps incertains : « Tenir compte des signes avant-coureurs peut vous sauver la vie! »

J’éprouve un énorme respect envers les Témoins de Jéhovah qui, en plus de s’efforcer de vivre selon des principes véritablement chrétiens, connaissent en profondeur la Bible et ses enseignements. S’asseoir avec des membres de cette congrégation pour étudier la Bible s’avère immanquablement une … Continue reading

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Reminder for uncertain times: “Heeding advance warning can save your life!”

I greatly admire Jehovah’s Witnesses for their truly christian lifestyle and their in-depth study and knowledge of the Bible. It is always an enlightening experience to sit down and read the Bible with members of their congregation, although I myself … Continue reading

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Wake-up call: “Get Your LogPacs In Order Now”

By Tom Chatham | Project Chesapeake | November 15, 2015 There is something happening now across the developed world that should make everyone very worried. You have no doubt heard of the chaos being created in Europe by the masses … Continue reading

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Are we prepared for the “Day of the Dogs”?

I had some misgivings before I read Day of the Dogs, as doomsday novels are not really my cup of tea. Still, Doug McIntosh’s basic premise, i.e. that a major solar flare may very well throw our modern civilization back … Continue reading

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Preparing for what seems to be coming down the pipe: “Small Towns and Local Currency”

I do not usually re-blog posts without adding something extra based on my own research, but Tom’s article speaks for itself. Update, May 14, 2015 By the way, Tom’s post reminded me of the TV Series called Jericho, which illustrated … Continue reading

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