Henri’s Bookshelf

These are books that I have read and highly recommend if you want to explore where we’re coming from collectively, where we’re at today, and where we might be heading.

I have created two general categories: Food for Thought, and Food for for the Soul, which should be self-explanatory. Food for your body you can find at your local grocery store, but don’t forget water.

readingSimply click on a book cover to view its description, generally on Amazon, or to read my review if I have posted one. Books are listed alphabetically by author and publication date.

I have also created a reading list for books I haven’t read but that come highly recommended.

Happy exploring – I hope you make some interesting discoveries!

Livres en français

Comme presque toutes les lectures que je fais sont en anglais, j’ai peu ou pas de titres à vous suggérer en français. Toutefois, certains titres apparaissant sur cette page ont été traduits et devraient être relativement aisés à repérer. J’invite également mes lecteurs francophones à visiter le site Livres à Télécharger, offert par Terre Nouvelle, pour obtenir des ouvrages récents, anciens et rares touchant notamment certains sujets que j’explore sur Henri’s Web Space.

Henri Thibodeau RiderInBlack Henri’s Web Space  – Updated October 2, 2016

Food for Thought

NDCC_Cover  The Long Death    Ancient Traces

Dead Sea Scrolls Deception   Racing Toward Armageddon   9/11 as Mass Ritual

Ways of Seeing - Cover    Invitation to Sociology - Berger    The Lucifer Principle

Myths to Live By - Cover   Power and Terror   childhoods-end-cover

Behold a Pale Horse   Lost Christianities   Propaganda - Cover

News From Nowhere - Cover   Atlantis Blueprint   One Second After

UFO Phenomenon   Lost Cities   Creature From Jekyll Island - A Secal Reserve, The - G. Edward Griffin

Fingerprints of the Gods   Magicians of the God   Heaven's Mirror

Underworld   Talisman   Farnham's Freehold

Money Mafia   Predictions   Perception Deception

The Colder War   Mothman Prophecies - Cover   Casebook_Cover

The Shock Doctrine   Report From Iron Mountain   Babylon Code

Our Occulted History Cover   Trillion-Dollar Conspiracy   Day of the Dogs cover

The Insiders   Secrets of the Federal Reserve   Hercolubus, cover

Currency Wars   The Death of Money   Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism

Secret Space Programs   12th-planet   Mysteries of Time and Space

Worlds Before Our Own      The Untold History Of The United States

Earth In Upheaval   Worlds in Collision   How Real Is Real - Cover

Synchronicity Key   From Atlantis to the Sphinx - New Cover   A People's History of the United States


Food for the Soul

24 Hours a Day    A Course in Miracles    Lost Gospel Q

Traveller - Cover    god-on-a-harley    Sould of a horse

Lost Scriptures    Emmet Fox, Sermon on the Mount    Essential Hopi Prophecies

The Words of Jesus - Cover    We're all doing time - Cover    greatest-miracle-in-the-world

Nag Hammadi Scriptures    Horses Never Lie    Life Lessons From A Ranch Horse

Power of Now    Learning Their Language    Return to Love



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