Henri’s Reading List

Hosea 4-6

The following are books I haven’t read, but which come highly recommended by sources I trust. I simply don’t have time to read everything that comes my way…

Simply click on a cover to view its description, generally on Amazon. Books are listed alphabetically by author and publication date.

Happy exploring – I hope you make some interesting discoveries!

Henri Thibodeau RiderInBlack Updated December 14, 2016

Day of the Lord at Hand   Business Adventures  

Transylvanian Sunrise   Conspiracy Theory in America   esoteric-hollywood

Tavistock Institute   Hidden Truth   Master Game

Power vs. Force   Consent of the Governed   marys-mosaic

Secret Journey to Serpo   Coup d'etat   The Bar War

Shinar Directive   Earth Under Fire   Tower of Basel

late-great-planet-earth   Rise of the Fourth Reich   days-of-chaos

The Big Reset   Beyond Collapse   Montauk Project

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man   This Time Is Different   How America Was Lost - Cover

Kennedy's Last Stand   Stop The Coming Civil War  Government Zero

Velikovsky Heresies   Truth Chronicles   The keepers

Ruling Elite   Fourth Turning - Cover   wall-street-and-the-rise-of-hitler

Omega Conspiracy   Selected by Extraterrestrials Cover   Mankind In Amnesia

Battlefield America   A Government of Wolves