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Est-ce que Trump a été « mis au parfum » par nos “bienveillants” maîtres occultes satanistes?

English abstract Jeff Rense & Linda Stone: Did “The Cult” give Trump a “Briefing”? In a video published last week (November 15) on his YouTube channel, Jeff Rense remarked on Donald Trump’s apparent change of demeanor after his meeting with … Continue reading

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Surprise! Voyez ce qu’Obama signait pendant que les Américains votaient

English abstract While Americans were voting, Obama quietly signed “Notice of continuation of national emergency with regard to WMD” See screen shot below from White House website. J’avais cru lire ou entendre que l’actuel occupant de la Maison-Blanche, le perfide … Continue reading

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Le monde comme il va – Récents développements, 16 octobre 2016

On dirait bien que rien ne va plus, comme on dit au casino. Tandis que les Américains demeurent obnubilés par l’interminable cirque médiatique à connotations sexuelles qui entoure leur campagne présidentielle, WikiLeaks fait pleuvoir révélation sur révélation qui devraient à … Continue reading

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US handing over control of the Internet to ICANN – Really?

I don’t really know what to make of this news which is generating some hype on the Web – I guess we’ll find out what the real implications are after October 1st. In the meantime, here are some headlines I … Continue reading

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Heads up: New warnings from Dave Hodges on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report – Updated

On the February 22nd edition of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, Doug Hagmann interviewed Dave Hodges, host of The Common Sense Show, on several critical issues including the following: The intent of the US Department of Justice to arrest members … Continue reading

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What The Destroyer really said last Sunday night

Last Sunday night (December 6, 2015), B.H.O. the Destroyer in chief uttered his masters’ (our BOSO, or Benevolent Occult Satanist Overlords) latest deceptions. Incidentally, this speech was delivered on the eve of the 74th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, so should … Continue reading

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The Destroyer, the Trump and the Evil Witch

As I was watching the Destroyer utter his masters’ latest deceptions last Sunday night (December 6), I felt a chill come down my spine as I remembered how he fooled most of us back in 2008 with his hope-inspiring speeches … Continue reading

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I, Pet Goat II – Highly Symbolic Short Animation Film

I, Pet Goat II is a short Canadian animation film written, directed, produced and edited in 2012 by Louis Lefebvre through Heliofant, his independent computer animation studio located in the Laurentians, just north of Montreal. The film is characterized by … Continue reading

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