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Anonymous Charity/The Collective Account terminated by YouTube

I recently published a few posts containing embedded videos from the Anonymous Charity/The Collective. I am sorry but these videos are no longer accessible since they have been deleted by the censors at YouTube/Google. I only found out tonight as … Continue reading

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États-Unis : Censure en action, Michael Savage sauvagement retiré des ondes de la radio américaine

English abstract Censorship in action: Michael Savage savagely taken off air across the U.S. of A. On Monday September 26, as he was discussing Hitlary Clinton’s health hours prior to the first presidential debate, renowned author Michael Savage was savagely … Continue reading

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John Denver’s plea against censorship

Thirty years ago, in September 1985, American singer-songwriter, actor, activist and humanitarian John Denver testified before the Senate Labor and Commerce Committee on the topic of censorship, during a Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) hearing. The PMRC, headed by Tipper … Continue reading

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