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Trump wins by landslide, Hillary “missing”, and confusion on the 9th of November

Interviewed last week by Greg Hunter on USA Watchdog, Internet data mining expert Clif High says the “naked linguistic data” he has been collecting over the Internet shows Donald Trump winning the 2016 Presidential election by a “landslide.” There is … Continue reading

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Chemtrails, Earth changes, and the Planet X/Nibiru deception: here’s some food for thought!

In a recent interview, published April 28 on the Leak Project YouTube channel, Clif High (click here for more about him in earlier post) issued some mind-boggling statements regarding Planet X/Nibiru, the origin and content of so-called “chemtrails”, Earth changes, … Continue reading

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Fermez les écoutilles — la tempête économique pourrait frapper dès le mois de mars

Les avertissements d’une tempête économique mondiale fusent de toutes parts depuis plusieurs mois et se sont accentués au cours des dernières semaines. La semaine dernière, interviewé par John B. Wells (Caravan to Midnight), Clif High a indiqué qu’il prévoit lui … Continue reading

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Batten down the hatches – the perfect storm could hit as soon as March and April

Warnings of the coming perfect storm of global financial collapse have been coming from all corners over the last few weeks. Recently interviewed on the Caravan to Midnight, Clif High told John B. Wells that, like others, he also foresees … Continue reading

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