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Much ado about Antarctica – Synchronicity or disinformation campaign?

Survol en français Antarctique : beaucoup de bla-bla tout d’un coup Curieuse coïncidence, campagne de désinformation ou de distraction, ou synchronicité? Les nouvelles concernant la possible découverte de ruines en Antarctique se bousculent alors que je viens de publier un … Continue reading

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Chemtrails, Earth changes, and the Planet X/Nibiru deception: here’s some food for thought!

In a recent interview, published April 28 on the Leak Project YouTube channel, Clif High (click here for more about him in earlier post) issued some mind-boggling statements regarding Planet X/Nibiru, the origin and content of so-called “chemtrails”, Earth changes, … Continue reading

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Ovnis, présence extraterrestre et P.S.S. : mise en garde de David Wilcock concernant une divulgation partielle

English abstract Last Sunday, March 6, David Wilcock published his first post in about 100 days. Aside from discussing the reasons behind this long silence, David broached a variety of developments regarding his current projects, for instance the new book … Continue reading

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Les écrits de Zecharia Sitchin auraient été embrouillés par les Illuminati

English abstract Sitchin’s Sumerian text translations contrived by Illuminati to promote false alien religion In this article published February 10, 2016, researcher and author Michael Salla writes that according to the latest revelations of Secret Space Programs whistle-blower Corey Goode, … Continue reading

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