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Here’s a treat for you: John B. Wells delivers an inspiring personal testimony on The Common Sense Show

It is a rare feast to listen to John B. Wells, host of The Caravan to Midnight, talk from the interviewee side of the microphone. John B. gave an amazingly inspiring personal testimony when he was recently interviewed by Dave … Continue reading

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Heads up: New warnings from Dave Hodges on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report – Updated

On the February 22nd edition of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, Doug Hagmann interviewed Dave Hodges, host of The Common Sense Show, on several critical issues including the following: The intent of the US Department of Justice to arrest members … Continue reading

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Dave Hodges dresse un sombre portait des conséquences de l’effondrement économique qui semble imminent

Dave Hodges a publié cet article ce matin sur The Common Sense Show. C’est sans grand plaisir que j’ai entrepris de le traduire. En fait, j’avais les larmes aux yeux en travaillant à ce texte de très mauvais augure. Mais … Continue reading

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Most Powerful Hour of Radio In 2015: Overcoming Evil, with Dr. Ted Broer

Last night (October 25), Dave Hodges was interviewing Dr. Ted Broer (healmasters.com) on The Common Sense Show. In the first hour, they were discussing the dangers of certain pharmaceuticals, as well as the secret space program, about which Dave made … Continue reading

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Dave Hodges makes astonishing revelations on The Common Sense Show

Dave Hodges has made some quite astonishing revelations this week on The Common Sense Show. I have developed great respect and admiration for Dave Hodges since I have become familiar with his work of exposing the truth behind the deceits … Continue reading

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Signs Of The Times? Ominous Cloud, Black Helicopters, Running Out Of Ammo

Ominous Cloud Strange Coincidence: This weekend, as I was driving to the barn, I saw a cloud coming from the South-West that eerily looked like a nuclear explosion mushroom cloud. I could not stop and take a picture, but it … Continue reading

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Out Of Left Field: Planet X (a.k.a Nibiru) About To Make A Pass At Us?

In this article I re-blogged last night, The Coming Days of Planet X, Tom Chatham gives a crisp overview of a riveting interview Dave Hodges, of The Common Sense Show, conducted with Bob Fletcher on Sunday, August 16, regarding Planet X … Continue reading

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A Weekly Wrap-up: The Matrix, Coming Civil War, World War III, Satanists, and Aliens

Strange news and information have been popping up from all over the place lately. Here are a few things I picked up this week, while China was upping the tempo of the ongoing international currency wars with its sudden devaluation … Continue reading

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What’s Going On – Is War Coming to America?

Disturbing news from the United States: US Marines are being trained for riot control, the US military is preparing for extensive exercises across several states later this summer with Operation JADE HELM, surface to air missile bases are apparently propping … Continue reading

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