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ALERTE! Obama signe un nouveau décret ciblant directement la Russie

English abstract Destroyer in Chief just brought tensions with Russia to an all new level The Destroyer in Chief is evidently not done wrecking as much havoc as he can before (maybe) leaving the Oval Office to Donald Trump. Today, … Continue reading

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Surprise! Voyez ce qu’Obama signait pendant que les Américains votaient

English abstract While Americans were voting, Obama quietly signed “Notice of continuation of national emergency with regard to WMD” See screen shot below from White House website. J’avais cru lire ou entendre que l’actuel occupant de la Maison-Blanche, le perfide … Continue reading

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Un autre astéroïde vient de frôler la Terre — et personne ne l’a vu venir

English Abstract House-sized asteroid caught zipping through Earth’s shadow Another close call no one saw coming: on November 1, at 8:42 p.m. EDT, Asteroid 2016 VA came as close as 75,000 kilometers from our planet. As reported by Scott Sutherland … Continue reading

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Le monde comme il va – Récents développements, 16 octobre 2016

On dirait bien que rien ne va plus, comme on dit au casino. Tandis que les Américains demeurent obnubilés par l’interminable cirque médiatique à connotations sexuelles qui entoure leur campagne présidentielle, WikiLeaks fait pleuvoir révélation sur révélation qui devraient à … Continue reading

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Obama vient de signer une série de décrets plutôt intriguants

English abstract Suspicious Executive Orders recently signed by Obama In the short heads-up video embedded below, published on August 15, 2016, Dahboo7 reports on some “rather suspicious” Executive Orders that were recently signed (August 12) by the occupant of the … Continue reading

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