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Aftermath: Population Zero – The World Without Humans | Documentary

At a time when close to half of humanity (about 3.5 billion people) lives in “voluntary” confinement in their homes, the streets of some of Earth’s major cities are left almost empty, leaving wild animals to roam freely in eerie … Continue reading

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David Vs. Monsanto: Alex Jones Interviews Percy Schmeiser

Infowars‘ Alex Jones talks with original organic-advocate about history of biotech In the following interview published on Infowars.com this Thursday, May 14, 2015, Alex Jones talks with Percy Schmeiser about how Monsanto’s evil empire is being beaten. A farmer from … Continue reading

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“Thrive” – An Enlightening Documentary That Will Empower You

The news really got to me this week, and at times I felt really disturbed by the all the gloom and doom such as the Baltimore riots and trigger happy police, the upcoming operation Jade Helm, rumors of martial law, … Continue reading

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