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Fascinant : Gene Roddenberry se serait inspiré d’un programme spatial secret de la Marine américaine pour créer Star Trek…

English abstract In an article published this Monday, September 5, 2016, Dr Michael Salla (Exopolitics.org, pictured at right) presents evidence which he claims indicate that Gene Roddenberry based Star Trek on a secret U.S. Navy Space Program. The original Star … Continue reading

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Alors, d’où viennent les Ovnis?

a) De l’imagination dérangée de la frange lunatique b) De civilisations extraterrestres, bienveillantes ou malveillantes c) D’anciennes civilisations intraterrestres d) De bases nazies secrètes en Antarctique e) De programmes spatiaux secrets (États-Unis ou autres gouvernements) f) D’autres dimensions (entités malveillantes, … Continue reading

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Andrew Basiago, le candidat présidentiel qui aurait voyagé dans le temps

English abstract Time-traveling Presidential candidate announces platform – Calls for truth, reform and innovation Independent Presidential candidate Andrew D. Basiago recently released his 100-point political platform, A New Agenda For A New America, which calls for highly alternative proposals such as … Continue reading

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Catherine Austin Fitts dénonce : programme spatial secret, budget occulte et contrôle totalitaire sur Terre et dans l’espace

English abstract Catherine Austin Fitts exposes UFO Economy, Black Budget and Deep State system Dark Journalist recently interviewed former Assistant Housing Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts for Part 1 of a “mind blowing examination” of the intense secrecy surrounding the futuristic UFO … Continue reading

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Ovnis, présence extraterrestre et P.S.S. : mise en garde de David Wilcock concernant une divulgation partielle

English abstract Last Sunday, March 6, David Wilcock published his first post in about 100 days. Aside from discussing the reasons behind this long silence, David broached a variety of developments regarding his current projects, for instance the new book … Continue reading

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Invasion extraterrestre : ultime événement sous fausse bannière?

English abstract At a talk given in London in September of 2015, Dr. Steven Greer, founder of the Sirius Disclosure Project, warned about what he describes as the “ultimate false flag”, which he claims was planned as far back as … Continue reading

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Les écrits de Zecharia Sitchin auraient été embrouillés par les Illuminati

English abstract Sitchin’s Sumerian text translations contrived by Illuminati to promote false alien religion In this article published February 10, 2016, researcher and author Michael Salla writes that according to the latest revelations of Secret Space Programs whistle-blower Corey Goode, … Continue reading

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