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Les attentats de Bruxelles marquent le début de la « Saison des sacrifices »

English abstract “Season of Sacrifice”: Manipulating the collective consciousness of humanity using mass black magic rituals In an article posted Sunday, March 20, two days before the so-called “Brussels Terrorist Attacks”, author Justin Deschamps made the uncanny prediction that a … Continue reading

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Invasion extraterrestre : ultime événement sous fausse bannière?

English abstract At a talk given in London in September of 2015, Dr. Steven Greer, founder of the Sirius Disclosure Project, warned about what he describes as the “ultimate false flag”, which he claims was planned as far back as … Continue reading

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Paul Craig Roberts : qui profite des attentats de Paris?

English abstract Paul Craig Roberts’ take on the Paris attacks In the wake of last Friday’s terrorist attacks in Paris and the subsequent reactions of the French government, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts explains how Washington and its French vassal have … Continue reading

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