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Miracle à Standing Rock : des vétérans demandent pardon pour les crimes commis envers les premières nations

English abstract Miracle at Standing Rock: Veterans ask forgiveness for crimes against First Nations In an amazing display of humility and reconciliation, U.S. military veterans who came to Standing Rock as part of the “Vets for Standing Rock” movement, led … Continue reading

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Food for thought: Do words mean anything?

With the advent of Newspeak, a.k.a. political correctness, it is becoming more and more difficult to have an intelligent public discussion where everyone can agree on the meaning of words. Take the words “legal”, “human”, “genocide” and “holocaust”, for instance. And … Continue reading

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Food for thought on gun control

This is just a short collection of facts, quotes and pictorial comments I have collected that offer some sobering thoughts on the issue of gun control and death by the State. I find the attacks on the US Constitution’s Second … Continue reading

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