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“Stock Market Crash: YOU’RE IN ONE!” – Gregory Mannarino

Gregory Mannarino (traderschoice.net) is one of a few financial analysts I regularly follow on YouTube. I detest idle speculation, and his comments are usually based upon solid financial data. Recent financial trends have led him to issue this warning today: “You no longer … Continue reading

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Brexit, nouvel ordre du jour : « C’est le temps de paniquer! » — Vraiment?

English abstract The new agenda of fear: “Be Very Afraid!” Trader and financial analyst Gregory Mannarino (TradersChoice.net) has his head screwed on tight, and when he speaks, I listen. In this “Post-Brexit” report published this Saturday, June 25, 2016, Greg … Continue reading

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We’re not in Kansas anymore – Recent developments as of March 12, 2016

Those of us in so-called “awareness” have been overwhelmed by an onslaught of news on every front since the beginning of the new year, often leaving us with that deer caught in the headlights feeling. I have collected the following … Continue reading

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Financial Disaster of Epic Proportions Upon Us?

I am re-posting this compelling interview by Greg Hunter, from USAWatchdog.com, with financial analyst and trader Gregory Mannarino of TradersChoice.net. Like many other financial analysts such as James Rickards, Peter Schiff, or Mike Maloney, Mannarino is convinced that a major … Continue reading

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