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Anonymous Transmission | “The Secret Covenant of the Illuminati”

On Sunday, December 30th, the Anonymous Charity, also known as the Collective, published on YouTube a cryptic transmission allegedly containing a message from the “Elites”. I was able to source this transmission to an independent website run by one Henry Makow, … Continue reading

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Les écrits de Zecharia Sitchin auraient été embrouillés par les Illuminati

English abstract Sitchin’s Sumerian text translations contrived by Illuminati to promote false alien religion In this article published February 10, 2016, researcher and author Michael Salla writes that according to the latest revelations of Secret Space Programs whistle-blower Corey Goode, … Continue reading

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Fascinating: the Illuminati are recruiting…

I have come across some really weird stuff recently, but this has to come very near the top of my weird list: there has been some discussion over the WebSphere about a recruitment campaign from an organization claiming to be … Continue reading

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