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Beware of fake WikiLeaks emails

Fake WikiLeaks documents are now being circulated on social media. This one above was posted on my Facebook wall a few days ago. After a quick check at the source, WikiLeaks.org, I was able to ascertain that it was not … Continue reading

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Infowars has been warning of omens of “War on America” for well over a year

I am re-posting here two news reports from Infowars.com that document its claims that the U.S. military is and has been training for war on America and the American Constitution’s Second Amendment (right to bear arms), while the Pentagon has … Continue reading

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Interviewed by Alex Jones, David Icke reveals our “secret rulers”

In the following interview just published on May 12, 2015 (David Icke Reveals The Mysteries of The Universe), Alex Jones (Infowars.com) talks with British author David Icke about opening up one’s doors of perception in order to get to the … Continue reading

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Alex Jones: Martial Law Preparations Confirmed

In this shocking video published on Tuesday, May 5th, Alex Jones (Infowars.com) provides a detailed and documented overview of “the US government’s insidious plan to put it’s own citizens under martial law in order to strip them of all rights,” … Continue reading

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Quand les « élites » feront la guerre à l’Amérique, voici ce qu’elles feront…

English abstract When The Elites Wage War On America, This Is How They Will Do It A crisis is the best weapon the elites have at their disposal. Wars by elites against populations are often so subtle that many people … Continue reading

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Ron Paul : l’effondrement de l’économie alimente les émeutes comme celles de Baltimore

English abstract Ron Paul: Collapsing Economy Fuels Baltimore-Style Riots The largest – and yet under-reported – factor behind the Baltimore riots is America’s poor economy and it’s only going to get worse, according to former presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul. … Continue reading

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Announcement – Revamped “Web Community” Page

With this, my 50th post (yeah!), I am extremely happy to let you know that I have completely revamped my old “External Links” page. Now more appropriately named “Web Community”, it provides information and links for those websites which I … Continue reading

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