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États-Unis : Censure en action, Michael Savage sauvagement retiré des ondes de la radio américaine

English abstract Censorship in action: Michael Savage savagely taken off air across the U.S. of A. On Monday September 26, as he was discussing Hitlary Clinton’s health hours prior to the first presidential debate, renowned author Michael Savage was savagely … Continue reading

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Alex Jones dresse un sombre bilan des crimes du clan Clinton — et invite Hillary au repentir…

Hillary et Bill Clinton ont semé une traînée de corps au cours de leur ascension vers le pouvoir politique Alex Jones | Infowars.com | 29 août 2016 Source : Hillary and Bill Clinton have left a trail of dead bodies … Continue reading

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David Icke exposes secrets behind migrant wave on Infowars

Yesterday, British author David Icke was interviewed by Alex Jones on Infowars. Alex and David discussed current key world events such as the so-called Middle-Eastern “Migrant Crisis”. They also delved deeper into other important subjects such as “how the public … Continue reading

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What The Destroyer really said last Sunday night

Last Sunday night (December 6, 2015), B.H.O. the Destroyer in chief uttered his masters’ (our BOSO, or Benevolent Occult Satanist Overlords) latest deceptions. Incidentally, this speech was delivered on the eve of the 74th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, so should … Continue reading

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