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The joys of Islam | Les joies de l’Islam

Infidels often believe that the only joys of Islam are the 72 virgins awaiting Muslim men as they go to Heaven. They are gravely mistaken – Islam also offers some earthly rewards to be enjoyed here on Earth. Contrairement à … Continue reading

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A video “They” don’t want you to see: “Obama strategy anti-American, anti-Western, and pro-Islamic” – Ret. Admiral James Lyons

In this short clip, despicable Secretary of State John Kerry introduces retired 4-Star U.S. Navy Admiral James A. “Ace” Lyons to speak at an unspecified meeting held in Washington on February 11, 2015. Among some of his scathing statements, Lyons … Continue reading

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L’invasion islamique et la destruction des États-nations occidentaux — un dessein diabolique

Un ami m’a récemment envoyé un commentaire anonyme apparemment affiché sur Facebook par un professeur d’histoire, qui évoque « un autre côté de l’histoire » dont nous abreuvent constamment les médias grand public au sujet de la crise dite « des réfugiés ». Cela … Continue reading

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Muslim invasion part of global agenda, aimed at destabilizing and destroying Western nation states

A friend recently emailed me an anonymous comment allegedly posted on Facebook by a History professor, which tells “another side of the story” that has been constantly spoon-fed to us by the mainstream media regarding the so-called “refugee” crisis. This … Continue reading

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