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Le nouveau modèle du NCEI reflète le déplacement rapide du pôle nord magnétique

English abstract World Magnetic Model Out-of-Cycle Release Reflects Magnetic North Pole Displacement Earth’s northern magnetic pole is moving quickly away from the Canadian Arctic toward Siberia. This movement has forced NCEI’s scientists to update the World Magnetic Model (WMM) mid-cycle. Due … Continue reading

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Horses Give Inmates a Second Chance…

This National Geographic video literately brought tears to my heart. “How much use and abuse does it take to stamp out a horse’s natural kindness?”, I was asking a friend just the other night, remarking that they are like angels, … Continue reading

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Amazing Skull Rekindles Debate on Human History

1.8-million-year-old skull blends features of a number of early human species By Brian Switek, National Geographic, Published October 17, 2013 A newly discovered skull, some 1.8 million years old, has rekindled debate over the identity of humanity’s ancient ancestors. Uncovered … Continue reading

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