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WAVE X – Intriguing channeling regarding what is coming

In the world of channeling, I have learned that the messenger may not be as important as the message – I am posting the following “as is” from Rainbow Phoenix, which I had never heard of before last night. I … Continue reading

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Le défilé mondial avance vers sa destination, mais qui s’en soucie?

Le défilé mondial avance inexorablement vers sa destination, et 90 % des gens ne savent pas ou ne se soucient même pas que ce défilé se déroule sous leur nez – ils sont trop préoccupés par les factures à payer, par … Continue reading

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The CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, part of the Global Agenda toolkit?

“Maybe you should be paying attention to what is going on in the world, because everything is about to change.” ― Anthony Patch The powers that be, variously known as the Cabal, the Insiders, the Elite, or the Illuminati, have … Continue reading

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“None Dare Call It Conspiracy” – Now Available as an eBook on Henri’s Web Space!

None Dare Call It Conspiracy was probably among the first books published in the United States to gain some notoriety in what has been labelled as the “conspiracy” field, and it remains an invaluable primer for anyone interested in finding … Continue reading

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Sunday Musings On The World Parade

The world parade is moving inexorably forward, and 90% of the people don’t even know or care there is a parade going on – they are too busy worrying about paying the bills and keeping a roof over their head, … Continue reading

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Boiling Frogs: What Frogs May Have to Teach Us About Losing Freedoms

I recently posted an intriguing story about the way to catch wild pigs and what it may have to teach us about losing our freedoms. Frogs may have something to teach us too. Another widely circulated story in the same … Continue reading

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