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OPEC wants to formalize pact with 10-nation group led by Russia

According to the Wall Street Journal, citing OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) officials, Saudi Arabia and its Persian Gulf allies are proposing a formal partnership with a 10-nation group of oil producing countries led by Russia in an … Continue reading

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Confirmed: No U.S. aircraft carrier group currently at sea

Notoriously unreliable SuperStation95 has reported on December 30 that no U.S. aircraft carrier groups would be at sea for a week or so as we were rolling into 2017, leaving the US open to a Pearl Harbour type of scenario. I do … Continue reading

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En français, le communiqué de presse émis par le Département d’État américain « en réaction au harcèlement de la Russie »

English abstract Department of State Actions in Response to Russian Harassment I am providing below a French translation of the press statement issued yesterday, December 29, by the U.S. State Department in retaliation to alleged Russian harassment and interference in the … Continue reading

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Paul Craig Roberts : « Si vous êtes pour la paix, vous êtes un agent de la Russie »

English abstract If you are for peace, you are a Russian agent! This is the title of a recent comment from Paul Craig Roberts, a man whose opinion I deeply respect. A new witch hunt has been launched in the … Continue reading

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Le gouvernement russe ordonne à ses représentants à l’étranger de rapatrier leurs familles vers la mère patrie

English abstract Russian officials living abroad told to immediately repatriate families to the Motherland Several news sites are reporting today that the Russian government has instructed its officials living abroad to immediately begin repatriating their families to the “Motherland”. This … Continue reading

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Paul Craig Roberts : « Si vous tenez à la vie, réveillez-vous! »

English abstract If you value life, wake up! In this short piece posted yesterday, June 20, 2016, as Russian President Vladimir Putin warns that “People do no understand how dangerous the situation really is”, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts writes that it’s … Continue reading

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How vulnerable is the US Navy as Russia is being provoked into declaring war?

As our BOSO (“benevolent” occult Satanist overlords) seem intent on pushing Vladimir Putin to declare war on the US/NATO/Saudi/Israeli complex, disturbing reports keep emerging indicating that the US military, and especially the US Navy, are concurrently being set up for … Continue reading

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World gone mad: Is this to be our last Christmas?

Things are moving so fast right now for those who are keeping an eye on current developments, it’s hard to stay focused and not feel overwhelmed, especially with the noise of one more mass shooting in the United States. I … Continue reading

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Surreal – We are on the Titanic, and the orchestra keeps playing – UPDATED

I have had an eerie feeling of late about the worldwide state of affairs. The allegory that keeps haunting me is that we’re on the Titanic right now – the world is navigating a sea rife with menacing icebergs, chunks … Continue reading

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THE DOUBLE HELIX: CHINA-RUSSIA – must read to understand recent developments

I don’t like republishing information I have covered in previous posts unless I have something new to add, but this is so significant with regard to recent developments that I feel compelled to make an exception here. Over six months … Continue reading

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