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Food for thought on gun control

This is just a short collection of facts, quotes and pictorial comments I have collected that offer some sobering thoughts on the issue of gun control and death by the State. I find the attacks on the US Constitution’s Second … Continue reading

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Canada Relaxes Firearms Ownership & Acquisition Rules

As of September 2, two new provisions of the Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act have come into force that relax firearms ownership and acquisition rules in Canada. Incidentally, my local firearms dealer was not even aware of these new dispositions … Continue reading

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Infowars has been warning of omens of “War on America” for well over a year

I am re-posting here two news reports from Infowars.com that document its claims that the U.S. military is and has been training for war on America and the American Constitution’s Second Amendment (right to bear arms), while the Pentagon has … Continue reading

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