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Fascinant : Gene Roddenberry se serait inspiré d’un programme spatial secret de la Marine américaine pour créer Star Trek…

English abstract In an article published this Monday, September 5, 2016, Dr Michael Salla (Exopolitics.org, pictured at right) presents evidence which he claims indicate that Gene Roddenberry based Star Trek on a secret U.S. Navy Space Program. The original Star … Continue reading

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So, where do UFOs come from, really?

a) From deranged minds in the Lunatic Fringe b) From ancient intraterrestrial civilizations c) From extraterrestrial civilizations, benevolent or malevolent d) From secret Nazi bases hidden in the Antarctic e) From secret space programs (deep U.S. State or others) f) … Continue reading

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We’re not in Kansas anymore – Some recent developments

Those of us in so-called “awareness” have been flooded by an overwhelming onslaught of news on every front since the beginning of the new year, often leaving us with that deer caught in the headlights feeling. I have collected some … Continue reading

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Most Powerful Hour of Radio In 2015: Overcoming Evil, with Dr. Ted Broer

Last night (October 25), Dave Hodges was interviewing Dr. Ted Broer (healmasters.com) on The Common Sense Show. In the first hour, they were discussing the dangers of certain pharmaceuticals, as well as the secret space program, about which Dave made … Continue reading

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Dave Hodges makes astonishing revelations on The Common Sense Show

Dave Hodges has made some quite astonishing revelations this week on The Common Sense Show. I have developed great respect and admiration for Dave Hodges since I have become familiar with his work of exposing the truth behind the deceits … Continue reading

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