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Is Truth really the first casualty of war?

While I was in the shower earlier today, I came to reflect upon all the lies, disinformation and real fake news (here is a new Orwellian expression for you) being peddled around by the lamestream media regarding Syria’s predicament, and … Continue reading

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We’re not in Kansas anymore – Some recent developments

Those of us in so-called “awareness” have been flooded by an overwhelming onslaught of news on every front since the beginning of the new year, often leaving us with that deer caught in the headlights feeling. I have collected some … Continue reading

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World gone mad: Is this to be our last Christmas?

Things are moving so fast right now for those who are keeping an eye on current developments, it’s hard to stay focused and not feel overwhelmed, especially with the noise of one more mass shooting in the United States. I … Continue reading

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Muslim invasion part of global agenda, aimed at destabilizing and destroying Western nation states

A friend recently emailed me an anonymous comment allegedly posted on Facebook by a History professor, which tells “another side of the story” that has been constantly spoon-fed to us by the mainstream media regarding the so-called “refugee” crisis. This … Continue reading

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La Russie et les États-Unis sont maintenant en état de guerre

English abstract Dave Hodges warns that a state of war now exits between Russia and the United States In the wake of Tuesday’s (November 24) downing a a Russian bomber by Turkey, and the subsequent downing of a Russian rescue … Continue reading

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My two cents: checkmate in Syria for the American Hegemon

Amidst all the events and non-events, seen and unseen, of September 2015, the most significant turned out to be the unforeseen Russian military intervention against the Islamic State in Syria on the last day of the month. For all intents … Continue reading

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