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UWEX 16 to begin Monday, March 21

UWEX 16, short for Unconventional Warfare Exercise 2016, is apparently set to begin next Monday, March 21, in Texas and possibly other locations across the United States. Dave Hodges from the Common Sense Show has been publishing dire warning regarding … Continue reading

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Hear The Watchmen Conference – Purchase live streaming if you cannot attend

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Politically Incorrect Humor: Texas Sheriff’s Exam

A friend send me the following, which is circulating as an email joke. Do not read if you are easily offended by what you deem “politically incorrect” humor. Anyway, it seems most words are becoming politically incorrect these days. This … Continue reading

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Nourrir les sans-abris est maintenant un crime aux États-Unis

J’ai récemment pris connaissance de diverses allégations indiquant que nourrir les sans-abris était devenu un crime aux États-Unis. Apparemment, plus de 70 municipalités américaines auraient adopté ou proposé l’adoption de règlements interdisant le « partage alimentaire ». Toutefois, ceci est le premier … Continue reading

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Feeding Homeless Now A Crime In The United States

I having been reading reports that feeding the homeless has recently become a crime in the United States. Apparently, more than 71 cities around the country have or have attempted to pass laws that ban “food sharing”. However, this is … Continue reading

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From the horse’s mouth: Jade Helm no training for Afghanistan and Iraq

You may have already seen this video of a briefing given earlier this spring for local officials in Big Spring, Texas, as to the purpose and scope of Operation Jade Helm 15. This briefing comes directly from the horse’s mouth, … Continue reading

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Jade Helm 15: outright paranoia, or justified concerns?

As Jade Helm 15 and other domestic US military training exercises and operations are being conducted or about to be conducted all across the United States (and across Europe – see NextNewsNetwork clip below, and this previous post), the mainstream … Continue reading

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