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Engouement pour le satanisme et la magie noire : l’Église catholique manque d’exorcistes

English abstract ‘Emergency’ need for exorcists after surge in people dabbling in Satanism and black magic In an article published by The Telegraph (UK) on September 26, Nick Squires and Rachel Ray write that, according to experts from the Catholic … Continue reading

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The three City-States that rule the World

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DMT: The Spirit Molecule

DMT: The Spirit Molecule is the title of a book and a documentary, both released in 2010, which investigate the effects and potential beneficial use of dimethyltryptamine (DMT). This molecule, manufactured by the human brain, is found in nearly every … Continue reading

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Unveiling Secrets: Three Enlightening Documentaries

It is very difficult to make sense of current events if you rely solely on the pabulum that is fed to us by the mainstream media. Here are three recent film documentaries that have helped me make more sense of … Continue reading

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