The Hegelian Parade – In Full Swing For All To See


David Icke has been relentlessly ridiculed by the powers that be and their MSM minions as he labored tirelessly over more than two decades to awaken us to this Hegelian concept, so brilliantly illustrated by Ben Garrison. Our benevolent rulers’ strategy is now so blatantly in full swing – showing no sign of abating, quite the contrary – that it should at least begin to become apparent for anyone who has eyes to see; the trick is to pull one’s head out of the sand, I guess. Hail the New Normal, and fear not – actually, yes, do fear, for herein lies the power of the Great Stratagem -, there is in all probability many more painful surprises to come from the twisted minds of the benevolent masters who pull the strings of our so pliant wills. Were the Borgs right after all, is resistance really futile? We’ll see, as more shall be revealed over the comings weeks, as we head towards what purports to be a long and painful winter of hapless discontent. Good luck. ■

HT RiderInBlack


About Henri Thibodeau

Freelance writer and translator based in Quebec, Canada.
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