“None of us really knows what’s going on, and we have to be prepared to admit that. ” | Max Igan

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I mean nothing is what they tell us it is. None of it makes sense. Nothing that they tell us makes sense. None of the timelines make sense. I mean, everything we’ve been told is a lie, so you have to question this as well. Divide and conquer. It’s the perfect tool and we do it to ourselves by locking ourselves into a belief system based on second-hand information that we haven’t experienced ourselves. And the truth of the matter is that we just don’t know. You can go down as many rabbit holes as you want, folks, you seriously can. I mean, I’ve gone down rabbit holes for the last 40 years. But what happens when you come out of the other end is you realize that none of them really lead anywhere and all you’ve got is all these different ideas of what is possibly going on, what could be happening; but ultimately, you just don’t really know and it gets to the point that you realize that all of these rabbit holes are there and all these questions exist to begin with simply because we’re not free.

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So let’s establish freedom, because once we do that, all the doorways will be open, then we won’t have to speculate about what’s going on – we’ll actually know. Well, at least we’ll have a better idea anyway, but as I often say folks, belief is the enemy of knowledge, and at the moment all each researcher has – including myself – is what information we have had access to and what we’ve been able to make of it, but there is so much information out there to consume and nobody knows really where it comes from or who wrote it or which stuff is reliable, all we can do is guess and use our intuition and make the best estimates we can. Until we admit this and realize this is what we’re dealing with and realize that nobody really knows and the biggest obstacle to us ever knowing is our lack of freedom, then we’re not going to get anywhere.

What we need folks is freedom, and what we have at the moment is a real opportunity to create some. And all we have to do is to realize that all this stuff we’re looking at nobody really knows for sure and all we have to do is agree to disagree and get a little bit of focus. And if we get a little bit of focus there we’re at a time in history where I believe we can actually fix it. See, any scenario could be true, and the thing is folks, that if you really get out there and you start looking at all the information and you start gathering information you start preparing yourself some type of a presentation or whatever, you can prove anything you want to prove. That’s the thing, like I said. But the thing is, you can only prove any of it up to a certain point, but you can prove it enough to make it believable and to get other people to believe it, and you can only do that because they’ve hidden history and the fact is that we don’t know, and that’s why I’ve done it, and that’s why all this information is out there and that’s why you can prove anything you want to prove because that’s what perpetuates the divide and conquer mechanism.

So you’ve really got to step back at it and look at and say well, why do all these questions exist, why don’t we know what’s going on. We don’t know because all of this information is hidden from us and it isn’t just because people have hidden things and things are secret and there’s secret societies, no, it’s because we’re not told stuff we need to know because there is an elite group of people who keep the information from us and we never call it. We’re gonna have these little rabbit holes and think that we know it all because we’ve gone down our rabbit hole when we don’t because there’s about 10 million rabbit holes out there to go down and all of them will lead you to a slightly different spot.

A little bit the same in a lot of ways, but always something slightly different just enough to keep you all arguing amongst each other, which is exactly why it’s been done. All the world is a stage ladies and gentlemen, and that includes the truth movement. It’s all a stage. There’s so much theater and charade in all of this, and we really need to put our egos aside, realize what we’re dealing with here, and step back and take stock and regroup. And as I keep saying, get a little bit of focus in the right direction. I’ll get trolled by everybody because no one really wants to face the truth of the whole matter. Everyone wants to be the one who’s right, everyone wants to be the one who’s got the answer to everything, and no one is really prepared to look at the real problem, which is the fact that we don’t know, the fact that we’re not free enough to know.

We’ve got all these questions, and the questions exist because they are supposed to exist, because that’s what keeps us arguing, that’s what keeps us looking, digging under rocks, looking under holes, wondering what’s going on,and never really paying attention to our surroundings. Never questioning our belief in authority, never questioning why we have to do the things that we do, never questioning why we can’t just go and find out these questions. Well we can’t just go into the Vatican library and read what they’ve got in there. Why everything is so secret and why it needs to be so secret.

Who are these people to think that they can keep things from other people? Why are you someone who believes that you don’t deserve to know what’s in these secret vaults and what’s hidden away from the masses, what this hidden knowledge is. Why should there be a special group of people who hold all the keys to the information and sequester and hide that information away from everybody else. Why would we allow this? And we allow it because of this misplaced belief in authority. We allow it because we believe that people can write down on pieces of paper and create rules that govern our lives, and that they can hide stuff from us and not tell us what we need to know.

And I think where we come from and who we are and where we are important issues, they are things we need to know. But unfortunately they’re questions that simply cannot be answered and will never be answered until we are free enough to put the mysteries to rest ourselves, to have access to the information that’s been hidden from us. That’s why there’s no point arguing amongst each other, there’s no point thinking that our rabbit hole has to be all and end all because each of us has a piece of the puzzle, each of us has a different perspective of what this reality is, and each of us has the key to our own prison. Because the prison that enslaves us is a fictional prison, it’s a prison of our minds, it’s a belief that we have to do what we are told, and it’s our willingness to adopt belief systems and lock ourselves into ego once we adopt these belief systems and attempt to push them on everybody else and to fail to really recognize the fact that we don’t know. All we can do is best guess just about everything.

I mean, sure there’s certain things that we know, certain everyday things that happen in everyday life that we know, the certain parts of our education system that are actually true. I mean one-on-one does make two, but there’s so much that’s been hidden from us and so much we really have no idea about, and we really have no reference point of even trying to understand some of these things, especially when we’re using English because we don’t have the reference point even contained within our language because the English language is such a non-descriptive language when it comes to real esoteric understandings.

You know sometimes I just wish the world would just stop, just for five minutes, just – if I could just stand on a mountain and just scream out “Stop”, and get everyone to just pay attention for just five minutes, put down their stuff, put down their job, stop running on the treadmill they don’t need to run on, and just have a look at their surroundings and just pay attention just for a moment. We could really heal the world in that moment. We could heal the world in a day if we would just pay attention to what’s going on, put down our stuff with each other and realize how we’re being played with all this stuff.

Yeah, we have value folks. We all have value and we could simply just go and read these books and read these ancient texts and just go to these places and just go and find out what’s going on. We could do it any time we want to do it. The only thing that ever stops us doing it is government and the ridiculous rules that they create. And none of these are there to service. All of these are there to hide reality from us and to hide history from us and ultimately to hide ourselves from us. And we need to realize this you know, we are at a crucial time here folks.

And the reason I brought you all this stuff on the show today is because I just want people to stop fighting, I just want to see the truth movement become some sort of unified wave the way it was. And maybe it never really was, but it was building to that, it was built into that three or four years ago, and then came all the division, and this division has been the greatest gift the system has ever had. It’s created so much infighting, and it’s allowed the smart grid to come rolling out without people really noticing what’s going on. And this is just a plea for people to realize how they’re being played, and realize that whatever it is you’re out there claiming to be truth, ultimately you don’t know, and you don’t know because we’ve never had the freedom to know. And we’re at a time now where we could gain that freedom. And if we don’t, then we’re going to be heading into a point where we’re not even going to be able to research this stuff, because we won’t be allowed to. Then it’ll be too close and we will have missed the opportunity that is being handed to us right now, I believe, on a silver platter.

So let’s get some focus, ladies and gentlemen, we’ve got so many tools available to us now. We’ve got so much information available to us now. And all I’m really doing is offering a little bit of friendly advice. I’ve spent 40 years going down these rabbit holes, and as I’ve so often said, I can prove to you that any one of the scenarios that I’ve outlined for you today is true. I can prove it, but that doesn’t make any of it true, because the reason I can prove any of them to be true is because all the information has been put out there to be able to create a believable scenario about anything you choose to believe.

And the fact that you can do that is exactly the reason why it’s been done, just to confuse the issue. And again the reason all of these questions exist is due to our lack of freedom. And until we gain that freedom, we’re never going to answer anything. All we’re going to do is continue to argue with each other and point the finger at each other and say “I know what’s going on and you don’t”. When, really, none of us do. And we have to be prepared to admit that. This whole scenario has been constructed just to keep us confused, just the way it has.

It’s about time we realized how we’re being played and focus our collective attention on what has caused the problems to begin with, you know. And this is something that I’ve been saying right since day one, but it’s getting close folks. It’s getting time for us to do this, and if you can’t see it around you by now, well, I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going on. Perhaps you really should get out more and look around. But what these governments are doing is not anything that’s going to benefit us at all and we need to pay attention. ◼︎

The Truth Shall Make You Fret

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    Terry Pratchett; I want to read his books but I started one and just couldn’t “get into” it.

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