Financial Disaster of Epic Proportions Upon Us?

I am re-posting this compelling interview by Greg Hunter, from, with financial analyst and trader Gregory Mannarino of

Like many other financial analysts such as James Rickards, Peter Schiff, or Mike Maloney, Mannarino is convinced that a major global financial crisis is inevitable.

However, Mannarino issues a dire warning: he believes there is a very high probability that this crisis will unravel at any time now, with consequences that boggle the mind, insisting that “things are looking very bad in the immediate future”.

Here are a few powerful excerpts before you watch the full interview (22 m. 51 s.):

“We are staring down the barrel of the worst financial cataclysm that has ever been seen, witnessed or even heard of in human history. There is no way out of this. As hard as I think about this, I cannot envision a scenario that there is no way this will not turn into a financial disaster of epic proportions for every human being on this earth.”

“This is the calm before the storm… people are living on nothing but borrowed time.”

“Even Alan Greenspan came out last week talking about how the global economy is extraordinarily weak, despite what we are hearing from the mainstream media that everything is good, and that they got everything under control.  The fact of the matter is this, nothing is real…”

“People have been so numbed down, and brainwashed, and whatever else you want to call it, into the paradigm that everything is just fine, when nothing is fine, and nothing is real… That’s very scary…”

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