Heads up: New warnings from Dave Hodges on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report – Updated

On the February 22nd edition of The Hagmann & Hagmann Report, Doug Hagmann interviewed Dave Hodges, host of The Common Sense Show, on several critical issues including the following:

  • The intent of the US Department of Justice to arrest members of the independent media simply for covering issues related to what the government now labels as “domestic terrorism” (e.g. pro-Second Amendment and pro-Constitution stance, identifying criminality of the Federal Government and its officials, etc).
  • The Federal case against the Hammond family.
  • The Federal land grabs and the demise of the United States.
  • The murder of US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, in part because of his opposition to Barack Hussein Obama’s draconian climate change policies, and maybe in part because he was to meet with some high-ranking military officers.
  • The possibility of a military coup that would remove Obama The Destroyer from the Presidency.
  • The coming civil war (UWEX 16, new and updated version of Jade Helm).
  • The possible coming assassination of Donald Trump.
  • The new “State of Jefferson” proposed in Northern California.

“I guess we’ll find how important the Federal Government thinks we are depending on who disappears.” – Dave Hodges, commenting about what may be in store for the alternative or independent media in the US

Henri Thibodeau RiderInBlack “I am Spartacus”

Update – March 1, 2016

Alternative media – The attacks have begun

I tried to take Dave Hodges’ above comment with a grain of salt, but some unsettling developments have transpired only three days after I originally published this post. Jean, author of  Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth, announced yesterday, Saturday the 27th, that she is shutting down her blog, stating the following:

I have every reason to believe they are now ‘messing with me big time’, to the point where I can hardly function physically. It’s up to you all now, because there is no sense in me dying, just because they won’t allow me to do my job.

Tim_Alberino.jpgMeanwhile, Steve Quayle published an alert on Thursday the 25th stating that his colleague Timothy (“Tim”) Alberino (pictured at right) and his family had experienced a life-threatening attack, details of which Steve Quayle kept deliberately sketchy as the event was under investigation. Alberino works as a director with Quayle for GenSix Productions, which is producing the True Legends documentary film series; they are currently working on a new groundbreaking episode due for release in April.

Steve and Tim were on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report Monday the 29th, where they gave as detailed an account as they could of the events and their implications. “When evil is about to be exposed, the purveyors of darkness will stop at nothing to keep their evil deeds hidden,” Doug Hagmann writes. “What occurred in the cold darkness of that night would not only have taken the life of a leading researcher of matters of vital importance to current happenings, but the lives of his wife and children. For a time, their lives hung perilously in the balance, except for the saving intervention of God.”

Pete_Santilli.jpgLet’s not forget that at the end of January, independent journalist Peter (“Pete”) Santilli (pictured at right) was arrested by Federal authorities on a charge of “conspiracy to impede federal officers” (click here to read the official Criminal Complaint) during the Malheur Refuge standoff in Oregon that led to the untimely death of LaVoy Finicum at the hands of federal officers.

HT RiderInBlack

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